Client Stories - Mark - Disability Lawyer Seattle


At the hearing, the medical expert testified that the medical evidence of record was consistent with Mark’s allegations of numerous severe impairments.

He testified that he previously worked in the military, and suffered a traumatic brain injury following an incident while deployed in Afghanistan.


On January 15, 2012, Jeremy was found disabled as the result of his severe traumatic brain injury.

The medical evidence Chihak & Associates obtained supported Patricia’s allegations of debilitating limitations secondary to her impairments relating to her vision, primarily.


Patricia was found disabled as the result of her severe chronic iritis.

Client Stories - Amy - Disability Lawyer Seattle


A 2009 accident shattered Amy’s pelvis. She testified to significant and persistent pain symptoms following the incident, despite compliance prescribed medication and treatment.

Client Stories - Virginia - Disability Lawyer Seattle


Virginia worked for many years as a graphic designer until she suffered a stroke in 2013.

Client Stories - Fawn - Disability Lawyer Seattle


Fawn worked for many years as a Home Health Aid until she suffered a severe on-the-job injury to her lower back.