Virginia filed a claim for SSDI on September 10, 2013, which was initially denied on January 8, 2014, and was denied for a second time on May 14, 2014.

Virginia appeared at a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge in Tacoma, Washington on March 13, 2014. Virginia was represented by John Chihak. A vocational expert appeared at the hearing and testified.

In preparation for Virginia’s hearing, Chihak & Associates obtained medical evidence from the Allenmore Hospital in Tacoma, and Franciscan Health Care in Gig Harbor.

At the hearing, Virginia testified that she worked for many years as a graphic designer until she suffered a stroke in 2013. Virginia sought treatment immediately but still continued to suffer from speech loss, dizziness, memory issues, depression and anxiety. Given the progression of her condition, Virginia reported that since 2014 that her husband does all of the cooking, cleaning and shopping for the household.

At the hearing, a vocational expert testified that the job skills acquired by Virginia as a graphic designer would not transfer to other occupations given her limitations. Upon completion of the testimony, the Administrative Law Judge found that given Virginia’s age, education, work experience, and current limitations, there were no jobs in the national economy that Virginia could perform given her severe limitations. Based on the testimony of Virginia, the vocational expert, and the evidence obtained by Chihak & Associates, the Administrative Law Judge issued a favorable decision.